Live and Lead Fully Alive!

People Can’t Be Engaged If Their Hearts Not In It.

Research shows that 70% of employees even those in leadership positions are distracted and disengaged. That adds up to cost of $450-550 billion annually in lost productivity. Of those 70% of unengaged employees, 90% say they have no emotional connection to leadership. None, zero, zip, nada!

According to a recent Gallup poll, when companies consciously and successfully get their heart in the game, their customers and their employees feel it. This emotional connection produces a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.
Snap Out of It! See New Achievable Possibilities in Business and Life

Organizations and associations call on DeDe “The Snap Out of It! Woman” to jump start hearts and engage their attendees through her entertaining and emotionally rich leadership message. DeDe delivers fun, inspiration, “do-it-now” steps and a bold challenge to work with passion and purpose so you can live and lead fully alive.

“A session could have the best information in the world, but if it’s not delivered in an engaging way, nobody will pay attention.” -Paul Kretkowski, Meetings Focus

DeDe Voted Meeting Planners Favorite Speaker 2014

Alongside power speakers Bill Clinton, Malcom Gladwell and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. -Meetings and Conventions Magazine

 “DeDe kept my interest the entire time. Powerful message because she has lived the stories she shared to convey the message. Love her style!” Terry Kennedy, Exchange Bank

DeDe Murcer Moffett top keynote leadership speaker shares a few clients

DeDe Murcer Moffett keynote Leadership Speaker HSMAI National ConferenceDeDe to Keynote


National Conference

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DeDe Murcer Moffett Keynote motivational Keynote Speaker

“One of the most delightful and professional speakers I’ve ever worked with!”
-Jackie Kubena, McKesson Health


DeDe Murcer Moffett Keynote Inspirational Speaker

“Amazing speaker!”
-Lisa Oz
Author, Wife of Dr. Oz


DeDe Murcer Moffett Leadership Keynote Captivating Speaker

“In one hour she changed my life both professionally and personally.”
–Mark Thompson VP Tourism, Dallas Conventions & Visitors Bureau

Training & Workshops

DeDe Murcer Moffett Leadership Training

“Always gives audiences MORE for the money!”
-Anne Bruce, Author, Speaker, Trainer


DeDe Murcer Moffett best selling author
Wisdom Wedgies & Life’s Little Zingers
Snap Out of It! Daily inspiration and wisdom that ignites courage to do what you think you can’t.
a-cup-of-cappuccino-women-entrepreneursA Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit, Women’s Edition
DeDe is a featured entrepreneur in this award winning business book by author Dr. Jeretta Horn Nord. Inspiring stories of adversity to triumph in business and life.
Choices and Illusions New RGBChoices and Illusions-How Did I Get Where I Am, How Do I Get Where I Want to Be
DeDe’s inspirational story of overcoming one of life’s biggest challenges is featured in this best selling book by author Eldon Taylor.   

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As an entertaining leadership and healthcare speaker I believe in the power of fun to educate and engage.

Sometimes you do need to change and sometimes people just need to change you in order to have a job.